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Flower Crown

A romantic floral crown with mounded blooms set to one side.

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Miniature Orchid Hair Comb

This translucent hair comb is decorated with a small orchid bloom accented with waxflower and greenery.

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Garden Rose Wristlet

A full open garden rose with accent of wax flower and greenery. Striped grosgrain ribbon adds a hint of colour.

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Periwinkle offers simple clean designs, available as a simple pin on or with a magnetic attachment. Featuring a single stunning bloom such as a rose, orchid or mini calla, our boutonnieres are finished with ribbon and accented with simple greenery.

Pictured here is a mini cymbidium orchid with accent of greenery and ribbon.

as shown
Miniature Orchid Wristlet

A cluster of miniature cymbidium orchid blooms with accent of greenery. Striped grosgrain ribbon adds a hint of colour.

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Prom season has arrived in Toronto. We offer a selection of corsages, boutonnieres, floral crowns, clustered wristlets and promposal bouquets. Of course we can custom design anything you desire based on colour or style choices. Grosgrain ribbon accents are available in various colours and styles (including striped and polka dot). Please call a few days ahead of your formal occasion so we can offer more options. As these items are very delicate, they are available for pick-up only.