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Some Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
Click on our logo at the top of each page to view a map.

What are your store hours?
We are open Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM, Saturday 10 to 5, Sundays sometimes. Closed most Holidays.

Do you deliver?
Yes, our flower courier delivers across the greater Toronto area, as far north as Newmarket, east to Bowmanville and west to Hamilton

How far in advance do I have to place my order?
Flowers can be delivered on the same day if the order is placed by 11am (some leeway applies to very local deliveries) If you are looking to order a specific type of flower it is best to give us a few days notice to get the flowers in.

Why do flower prices fluctuate?
As with many products there are times of the year when the demand for an item is high. With flowers this is seen during busy holiday seasons such as Valentine's Day and Christmas and Mothers Day.

Can I call you to send flowers out of town?
We are not associated with any "floral wire" service that sends flowers out of town. We would be happy to recommend any out of town flower shops we have come across in our travels or help you look a shop up on the internet.

How should I care for my fresh flowers?
You can find floral care instructions here.

Do you make custom dried flower arrangements?
Our focus is purely on fresh flowers.

Do you do weddings?
Yes, we love doing weddings.

Can I just drop by to talk about my wedding flowers?
It is very important to make an appointment before you come in. This allows us to set aside the time to sit down and talk to about your event in full detail. The initial appointment usually takes about one hour during which we discuss your entire event from top to bottom. Don't worry if you are not quite sure what you want, we'll help you discover that during the appointment.

How much do wedding flowers cost?
There are many factors to consider when planning flowers for your wedding such as time of year, flower selection and numbers. Once we discuss all of this in the wedding appointment a quote will be emailed to you (usually within a few days) individually itemizing and pricing everything we talked about

Do you do flowers for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs?
Yes, we do numerous bar/bat mitzvahs every year and have become familiar with many of the synagogues in our area. Through a one on one consultation we work with you to create flower centerpieces that best reflect your child's personality. Give us a call to book your free consultation today.

When should I book my event with you?
We recommend you visit us any where from 3 to 6 months in advance of your event. We only book one large event a day so our calendar books up quickly.

What if my question isn't covered here?
Contact us.