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Caring For A Fresh Flower Arrangement
Upon receiving your arrangement you will need to top up the water (flowers are typically not filled completely for transport to avoid spills).

Place the arrangement in a sink or on a tray to catch any overflow. Carefully feel around the edge of the container to find a gap that you can add water through. Vase arrangements will usually have a grid of clear tape that you need to find a space in, and container arrangements are usually in green wet "foam" you will need to find a gap next to that will allow you to add water. If your container is lined with plastic be sure you are adding the water between the green foam and the plastic as opposed to the plastic and the container.

Using a watering can or jug with a spout slowly add lukewarm water, pausing every few seconds to allow the foam to absorb if adding to a container piece. Continue to top up with water until the level is within an inch of the top of the container.

Wipe off the base of the arrangement to avoid damaging your furniture's surface, before placing the arrangement where you can enjoy it.

Fresh flowers do not need to be in sunlight, and will in fact do better if placed in cool areas out of direct sunlight.

You should repeat this process every day or two. Once the water level goes below about half way full it is very difficult for your flowers to hydrate and they will quickly fade. Flowers in wet "foam" must be kept moist- once the foam dries out it cannot be remoistened and becomes ineffective. Remove blooms as they finish so you can continue to enjoy the display.

Caring For A Hand-Tied Bouquet
Choose your vase first, before you take off the water tubes. The ideal vase sits approx.2 inches above the binding of the bouquet and has an opening that accommodates the width of the bouquet at this point with no more than a couple of inches to spare all around.

Don't be afraid to cut your bouquet down into a vase that will suit the fullness better.

Fill your clean vase with lukewarm water. It needs to be about ¾ full. Your bouquet probably came with a small sachet of preservative powder- add this in to the water and give a quick stir. If no sachet was included, clean plain water is your best bet.

Now remove the water tubes from the stem ends. Tough woody stems should be cut with secateurs or garden shears if needed. The softer stems are the flower stems and need to be given a quick clean cut with a straight edge sharp knife, cutting off approx. ½ inch of stem from the bottom of each.

Quickly place the bouquet into the vase of water. Fluff out the greenery around the top of the vase as needed, and if desired loosen the tie that binds the bouquet to allow it to relax into the vase a little.
You need to top up the water DAILY- if the water level goes below about half full the flowers start to have difficulty getting the hydration they need and will quickly perish.

Completely replacing the water and re-cutting the stems after 2 or 3 days goes a long way to help your blooms last extra long. Remove any finished blooms as they go, keeping the bouquet fresh and enjoyable.

A fresh cut bouquet should last 5-7 days if well cared for.